Saturday Morning



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Okay, so what's this here website about, exactly?
It's my own personal pop-culture encyclopedia. I'm writing about things that interest me, esp. stuff from my childhood (with which I am obsessed). Here you'll find articles on different subjects, which are listed in that handy left-hand column on nearly every page.

Why did you start this site?
Well, the truth is, I don't have a lot of marketable job skills, but I am fairly well steeped in American pop culture. Since I want to get ahead just like everyone else, I decided to put my knowledge to use. I thought about writing a book, but then I reckoned that a website would be the best thing to do - paper books are so last year.

Do you plan on writing about other pop-culture topics, like fashion or fads?
You bet - the list isn't complete. The next topic will indeed either be 'fads' or possibly 'monsters'. [Rubs hands together in wicked glee.]

Why aren't there more articles up?
Give me a friggin' break - it's darned hard writing on all these topics, and getting the facts straight. Look at that Aerosmith article - it took me three hours to write that!

What're you - stupid or somethin'?
Probably, yeah.

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